Dr. Oz the Evangelist: Surgeon or Shaman?

In my book, The Origin and Rise, Decline and Fall of the God Known as Yahweh; Why the God of Abraham is Incongruous in the 21st Century, I wrote: “And Billy is not alone in believing in nonsense. In a July 2009 newsletter from the Billy Graham Evangelical Association his son, William Franklin Graham III, said, ‘First of all, the Bible says we’re going to worship God and reign with him. He’s also got specific jobs for us to do. So, we’re not going to be just sitting up there playing a harp. But we’re not going to get tired. We’re not going to have sore feet. We’re not going to be sick. Listen, God’s got a plan, and our minds can’t even begin to conceive all that he has for us.’” This makes me wonder, is Billy Jr. a con man or a schizophrenic? Does god talk to Billy Jr. or does Billy Jr. hear voices in his head? Inquiring minds want to know, Billy!

And I am really appalled that Mehmet Oz also promotes nonsense on The Dr. Oz Show. In a September 2011 episode, Oz discussed life after death. On his website he put up a video of the episode under the banner, “The Science of Near Death.” There is no science of near-death experiences, scientifically speaking, when it comes to out-of-body experiences or visits to “the other side,” as the psychic medium John Edward likes to put it. All of the evidence for life after death is anecdotal. Anecdotes are not science. That is why Carl Sagan did not believe we have been visited by aliens or UFOs. There is not one peer-reviewed medical study which supports Oz’s view about life after death. If there was, he would have undoubtedly told us about it. Oz says he believes in the hereafter. Good for him. But there is not a shred of evidence that anyone has died and come back from the dead. Perhaps Oz should become a Christian and accept the resurrection of Jesus Christ, just like Bill Graham, senior and junior. (Oz is a Muslim.) He is a cardiothoracic surgeon. In English this means that Oz’s job is to cut out people’s hearts. He is also a professor of surgery at Columbia University. Oz is a scientist and his views about life after death are totally unscientific. I would not want a surgeon cutting up my heart (in heart bypass surgery) who might regard that any patient lost on the operating table is better off because he is now in heaven. As a scientist, Oz should know the difference between matters of science versus matters of faith. And when it comes to heaven, I accept the opinion of the world’s most famous scientist, Stephen Hawking. “Heaven is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark.” Mehmet, are you afraid of the dark? It seems so. The real question is,”is the wizard of Mehmet Oz a surgeon or a shaman?

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